Search Engine Optimistation

Helping you increase your visiblity in the search engines

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Being visible in the search engines such as Google is vital for your business, optimisation of your website is one of the most effective methods for engaging with potential customers. SEO will increase the ranking of your website and will drive a greater amount of natural relevant traffic to your site.

Making your business easier to be found by relevant traffic will improve the conversion rate of customers who actually want to buy from you. Optimising your site so that it moves towards the top result of Google and the other search engines should be the most important goal for your business and its online presence. If your website does not appear in the SERP when potential customers are looking for what you provide, they will never know you exist and you could be missing out on a lot of potential business.

Content is King

Content is one of the most important factors for SEO. A well structured website that has relevant, engaging and useful content for your potential customers will help drive conversions and improve your ranking in Google and the other search engines. Having unique well written content that is of benefit to your potential customers is vital for your website to perform well in the search engines.

Research, Optimisation, Analysis

We work with businesses like yours to understand exactly who your target audience is and what type of customers you would like to attract. We sit down with you and listen to find out what your goals are, who your competitors are and where you would like to be found in the search engines. This enables us to create a list of target keywords and phrases that will help you achieve your goals. We perform keyword research on the list of keywords, check where your competitors are ranking and where your website is ranking in the search engines.

We audit your website to see where improvements can be made and implement any changes that will help improve your websites search engine ranking. We then optimise the content of your website to help the search engines understand what your website is all about.

We use Google analytics on all our customers websites to track and analyse the search engine optimisation. This helps us understand where you customers are coming from and how they are using your website.