Congratulations: you now have a brand new website. But what will you put in it? Any website needs words, and that's where our copywriter Nicola can help.

Everyone can write, but not everyone likes writing. And not everyone's brilliant at it, let's be honest. If writing the content of your new website, or maintaining fresh content (like news items) isn't top of your to-do list, why not get a professional in?

The benefits of using Nicola's professional copywriting services include:

  • your website content will be professionally written
  • the focus will be on SEO (search engine optimisation) whilst maintaining a readable style of text
  • the text will be subjective, freeing you up from having to write about something you're emotionally tied to
  • Nicola can use her years of copywriting experience to advise and guide you
  • you'll have the time to get on with doing your job whilst Nicola does hers
  • it will get done!

How it works

If you decide that you want Nicola to write the content for your lovely new website, we will put you in touch with her. She'll arrange a time to meet up (if you're local) or talk on the phone. With your website template in front of her, she'll go through the pages to find out what you want to communicate (and who your audience is). She'll then write a draft of all the text you need, before sending it to you for feedback. She'll make any changes necessary before we upload the text. All you need to do then is take a look at your brilliant new website, full of words!

As well as writing the copy for your website, Nicola can:

  • blog on your behalf (and even manage your Twitter account)
  • write regular customer newsletters for you
  • write one-off customer emails for marketing campaigns
  • write the text for marketing communications, such as brochures, flyers and press releases

Nicola has been writing copy for local businesses since 2004. She also freelances as a journalist, writing features for national consumer magazines.

If you would like Nicola to write the content for your website please get in touch. Contact us